The MyCityForRent network is a collection of individual web sites each dedicated to connecting landlords and tenants in a unique online marketplace. The key feature of MyCityForRent which separates us from all the other online apartment search sites is that only on MyCityForRent does every city have its own individual web site! No other online rental web site offers this! Tenants

For example, how can a web site claim to know both Eugene, Oregon and Manhattan, New York equally well? The answer is that it just cannot. People in Manhattan who access will know Manhattan best and the people in Eugene who access will know Eugene best. This is what makes MyCityForRent so unique! Every city knows its neighborhoods and its rental situation best and that's why on MyCityForRent every city has its own web site.

There is also an added feature to the web sites on MyCityForRent. Tenants, who wish to do so, for a nominal $5/month, may subscribe to our unique 'Me First' service which notifies them when their desired listing has been posted to the web site. Landlords visit their city's website and post new listings all the time! Tenants search their cities' individual web site for apartments or homes all the time as well. your city on there? | Contact